How much housing does California REALLY need?


Between 2023 and 2031 Palo Alto will be required to build more than

6000 housing units

Every eight years the State tries to assess how much housing California needs.  But questions have been raised about “double-counting” in the new State methodology.

If you want to understand the impact this will have on YOU — watch the video of the Town Hall presentation by Gab Layton, President and Co-founder of the Embarcadero Institute.

As we mention at the end of the presentation, Assembly member Janet Nguyen has introduced AB-1258 which would make the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) determination of RHNA numbers subject to judicial review. Here are links to two letters of support to Assembly member Nguyen, one from me and one from the Association of California Cities – Orange County.  Your support of this bill would help.